We have Karaoke Systems, CCTV and Security Systems, Conference Systems and all kinds of Music Instrument.


We have stages, lights and sound systems for concerts, conference or any event for rent.


We have lots of types of elevator that fit with your buildings like hotel, hospital, shopping center, etc.

Welcome to Our Company!

Ngyheng is a leading professional company in media and professional electronic engineering.

Founded in 1995, Ngyheng is one of the pioneer enterprises which deal in professional electronic and media engineering in Cambodia. Nowadays, Ngyheng becomes a famous enterprise which is a blend of import and export trade, production, project installation and tenancy in Cambodia after the development in the past dozen years. Its subordinate enterprise include: Ngyheng Professional Electronic, Ngyheng Engineering and Ngyheng Elevator.


  • BMB News
    Since 2013, NGYHENG Electronic professional had received approval to import the BMB product, The most famous all over the world.